Daystar Trim Systems


Quality of policy

We are determined, ““dedicated and reliable””, when it comes to meeting our clients' requirements through continuous improvement and progress in the trends of our key indicators, striving for world-class performance.

Ongoing Training

Every operator and support associate receives monthly training on quality aspects and improvement.

We have a fully functioning Quality Lab on site. Each lot of material is inspected and tested to Automotive standards in addition to in process checks and prevention inspections, all designed to ensure our customers receive only the highest level of manufacturing.

Our Lab is setup to conduct the following tests including sample conditioning:

• FMVSS 302 Flammability

• Laminated Bond Strength

• Spectrometer color testing

• Curl and Bow Bias degree measurement

• Leather, foam and fabric thickness

• Fabric Stretch and Set

• Convection oven heat testing

• In-plane Compression

• Crock Test

We are focused on the constant goal of “0” RPPM. We also believe that to achieve this goal on a regular basis requires constant communication, associate education, root cause analysis and problem correction.

The entire team of DayStar Trim Systems is regularly involved in quality and our desire to be a top rated supplier for soft trim. We spend the necessary time and energy to exceed what the customer requires. It is not enough to meet the need, we must exceed the expectation.

We act where others may promise or delay. All of our customers can expect us to respond immediately to their concerns: we do not plan for poor quality, but if it should occur we believe in immediate containment and correction. If a problem should occur anytime 24/7 we encourage our customer to contact us and we will respond.